KANSAS CITY, Kan. — For some, Black Friday is a family affair, one many were happy to get back to this holiday season.

“It’s like a tradition,” Meredith Rumsey said. “We go with my mom and aunt every year.”

Customers were back in full force trying to find the best deals. Last year, many people stayed home or opted for online shopping because of the pandemic.

According to the National Retail Federation, more than 158 million Americans are estimated to be out shopping this Thanksgiving weekend.

“It’s definitely a lot busier than last year. Last year we did mostly online,” Candice McGowan said.

“It’s better than last year, not the same, but it’s good to be out,” Kamille Maxwell, who was at the Legends Outlets in Kansas City, Kansas, said.

But as the pandemic continues, so do mask requirements in some stores. FOX4 even noticed some businesses limiting the number of people in stores.

“It’s definitely not as crowded so it helps knowing you can have your space in between people,” Rumsey said.

Supply chain issues have created a shortage of goods, which has driven up inflation. So shoppers may notice some discounts are not as steep as years past.

Despite that, retail experts still expect this year to be a record-breaking holiday season of shopping.

Natalie McGowan and her mother took advantage of the shopping on Black Friday.

“We were just going to go to a couple stores and then it turned into more and more and more, and now we have more bags then we were expecting to have,” she said.