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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City has changed the way taxpayers can request a refund of the earnings tax to make the process easier.

As of March 2, taxpayers must complete the following steps to request a refund:

  1. Submit Form RD109 and RD109NR
  2. Taxpayer must submit documentation to show that the taxpayer is entitled to a refund
  3. All documents must be submitted by the federal income tax deadline

City council members voted to remove the part of the ordinance that said a taxpayer had to take the city to small claims court to get a refund.

Now, taxpayers only need to submit the two forms and required documentation.

Requests that are not received by the deadline will be denied.

People living in Kansas City pay a 1% earnings tax to the city, even if they work in another part of the metro. People who work in Kansas City, but live in other areas of the metro also pay the earnings tax.

Taxpayers who work in Kansas City, but live outside of the city limits may have overpaid if their employer withheld taxes for the KC earnings tax from paychecks.

Taxpayers are required to pay the tax for the time they worked in Kansas City.

If you travel for work, or split your time between an office in Kansas City and a location outside of the city limits, you may be owed a refund.