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Downtown Kansas City continues to be a driver for jobs and opportunities, with 14 redevelopment projects in the works and 15-20 developers having active conversations with the city to consider more high-rises in and around the area.

But what will help Kansas City prepare for 2023 is a “certainty of vision,” City Manager Brian Platt said. Last week, he updated the KC Downtowners group on the plan of action for Downtown and beyond.

Downtown Royals ballpark

A new Kansas City Royals stadium, wherever it may go, won’t be delivered by 2026.

Given the lack of specifics to date, Platt said the team would have already started construction.

In terms of funding, nothing has been brought to the city’s attention yet. Platt said if the Royals have $2 billion of their money and the support of the community behind them, Platt said the city’s right there along with them. But he’s not entirely sure if that’s the case at this point.

If the Royals ask the city for money or incentives for help with infrastructure, then there would be a longer conversation at hand.

“Would it make sense for us to take hundreds of millions of dollars from homelessness or crime to put in a new stadium if it’s not going to help solve those problems? We’ve asked but have no answers yet because there hasn’t been a plan submitted yet,” Platt said.

“They haven’t said here’s what it’s going to look like, here’s how much we need the city to contribute and need from the city or where it will be outside of a high-level suggestion that the team will need support building surrounding infrastructure.”

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