KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City-area companies are already feeling the ripple effects of the United Auto Workers strike.

Challenge Manufacturing supplies the GM Fairfax plant with the floor pans for their Chevy Malibus. One of their workers told FOX4 on Thursday she and dozens of others were temporarily laid off the exact same day the UAW union went on strike.

Christina Faltynowski said about 600 people work at the local Challenge facility. 

“I think they’re just going in stages,” she said of the layoffs at her company. “As each week progresses, then they move to the next area, the next shift, and they just start laying off more and more and more.”

Faltynowski said she was notified six days ago that she’d be laid off for the time being by her employer. 

“I was scheduled to work on the 15th,” she continued. “I got a text that afternoon saying I was laid off, and no idea when I would go back — not until the UAW is done with their strike.”

Sept. 15 was five days before the GM Fairfax plant in Kansas City, Kansas, went idle.

Challenge Manufacturing leadership isn’t commenting on the layoff. Their headquarters is in Walker, Michigan, outside of Grand Rapids.

In the meantime, Faltynowski told us Thursday she’s a nervous wreck.

“I mean I’m a ball of nerves,” she continued. “I don’t know when I’m going to be able to go back to work, how I’m going to pay my bills, how I’m going to buy food. I mean I’m not hardly sleeping at all, ya know? I’m up pretty much all day, all night, and I sleep a little bit here and there. It’s just… it’s heartbreaking.”

Faltynowski also said she’s madder at UAW and GM for not working out a contract agreement than she is at her employer. She also told us she expects more layoffs next week in the facility’s production area if a deal isn’t reached.