KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The James Beard Foundation announced the 2023 Restaurant and Chief Award nominees.

Two local names made the prestigious list of finalists when the nominees were announced Wednesday during a ceremony in Nashville.

Kansas City, Missouri’s Yoli Tortilleria is nominated for Outstanding Bakery, a new category in 2023.

The flour tortillas and retail shop is located at 1668 Jefferson St.

All of the corn tortillas produced and sold at Yoli Tortilleria are stone ground and made through a traditional seven-step process using seasonal ingredients found in the Midwest, according to the company’s website.

Yoli also has a corn tortilla manufacturing business near West 31st and Bell streets.

A Shawnee bar is also being recognized for its excellence.

Drastic Measures near Nieman Road and Johnson Drive is a James Beard finalist for Outstanding Bar.

Customers will find drinks with names like “Substitute Teacher,” “Duck & Cover,” and “Devil in the Moonlight” on the menu.

Anyone planning to drop buy for a cocktail needs to plan on a wait at the popular Johnson County bar.

Winners will be announced Monday, June 5, 2023.