KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Aliens and UFOs have been making headlines quite a bit recently.

From a whistleblower’s claims of recovered spaceships, a Las Vegas family saw something crash in their yard and a new theory on alien life, there’s plenty of extraterrestrial news to talk about.

And now even real estate listings are going out of this world.

A home listed this weekend in south Kansas City has been dubbed a “spaceship on earth.”

The 2,380-square-foot house sits on just over a quarter of an acre near 99th Street and Holmes Road, just off Indian Creek. It’s listed for $349,500.

“This three bed, two 1/2 bath home launch pad has all of the extras to make you feel right at home! Amazing wood floors throughout, gorgeous ceilings! If you have been looking for a home that is unlike any others, this is your match!” the listing from realtor Branigan Barnett says.

1118 Queens Place (Photo by Samantha Ward/Picture KC via owner Ian Reeves and agent Branigan Barnett/Keller Williams)

The first listing photo shows a UFO hovering above the home as an alien stands in the doorway. Adding to the intrigue, a tyrannosaurus rex looms large in the back yard.

Owner Ian Reeves said via email the house was originally built in 1968 by a former Kansas City lounge singer.

Reeves said before he purchased the home about a year ago it “had fallen into a pretty serious state of disrepair,” so he did a full renovation on the property.

Once the aliens and dinosaurs disappear, the home has several modern and unique features, including a vaulted ceiling in the living room, updated bathrooms and sliding doors that open to a large deck.

When it came time for listing photos, Reeves told photographer Samantha Ward with Picture KC to get creative — hence the aliens and dinosaurs.

The Kansas City house was featured Monday on the popular Zillow Gone Wild account, where hundreds have already commented on the post.

“Thanks aliens for bringing the dinos back,” one commenter said.

“Does it come with the dinosaurs?” another asked.

“They do live among us!” another commenter said.