KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s almost time to swing through Marvel’s Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing. The new exhibition opens at Union Station Friday.

The new exhibit will open in Kansas City. That means people in the metro will be the first in the world to see the new exhibit about one of the most popular super heroes in history.

“There’s lost of layers of this exhibition which make it fascinating,” Michael Tritt, Union Station Chief Marketing Officer, said.

The exhibit begins with the creation of Spider-Man in 1962, when he first appears. The exhibit will physically walk fans through the development and how Spider-Man became an international hit.

“Throughout we talk about the creators, the writers, the artists, and actually the public that helped shape him in those first few years,” Tritt said.

Just like the public helped shape Spider-Man, the new exhibit includes interactive installations and artifacts from comic books to movies.

“It’s very easy to fall in love with a character like this. He’s flawed. He’s a teenager. He’s insecure. He’s not sure of himself. He’s not sure of his super powers. And of course the famous line, ‘With great power comes great responsibility,” Tritt said.

Teams from as far away as Germany, Los Angeles, and New York have been involved in creating and installing the exhibit inside Kansas City’s Union Station.

“It’s beautiful. It’s an exotic exhibit in the sense that it’s a complete story of a super hero that is known worldwide,” Tritt said.

Even more amazing than the Beyond Amazing exhibit is the opportunity for it to open a worldwide tour in Kansas City, according to Union Station.

“Some things we can control as far as when we take an exhibit. Some things you see something and you say ‘We must have that. When can we have it. When can it fit in the world tour schedule?’ To get something like this, this quality, this investment, and be the premier city in the world is really a coup for us, Tritt said.

Due to scheduling, Union Station warns Beyond Amazing won’t be around as long as past exhibits.

“This one came to us at the right time. We took it. It’s a little bit shorter run than we’re used to, just 4 months, but hitting in the summer season gives us a real advantage. It gives the maximum audience the opportunity to come and visit,” Tritt said.

Tickets are now on sale. They start around $15 a person.