KANSAS CITY, Mo. — You can call her the queen of mushrooms. Business is booming for a mom and biologist turned mushroom farmer. Now she’s finding delight in supporting other businesses in the community. 

Inside a Kansas City warehouse, Robin Moore is growing mushrooms. It’s called MyCo Planet.

“And we grow a lot of fresh mushrooms,” Moore said.

She started MyCo Planet about three years ago. Before that, Moore was an avid gardener at home. 

But Moore wanted a change of pace and to teach her children how to grow food on their own.  She said mushrooms are the healthy choice. 

“It’s also very sustainable,” Moore said. “They use a lot less water than most crops, a lot less electricity and a lower footprint than other crops.”

Moore said she couldn’t find the varieties of mushrooms she wanted here locally. So she decided to take matters to her own green thumb — sprouting a new business, MyCo Planet. 

After three extensions to the building, Moore said they’re now growing six times the mushrooms from when they started and nine different varieties. 

Moore said the experience has helped her grow as a person.

“It’s not just growing mushrooms,” Moore said. “I’m a part of a community. I’m creating jobs for the community, as well.”

Moore said one of the best parts about being a local grower is being able to send her mushrooms to local restaurants and local chefs — like David Spiven.

“The same day you get to come and enjoy,” said Spiven, executive chec at Chaz on the Plaza restaurant

They do a “Pours and Plates” pairing menu. This month he chose Moore’s mushrooms as the special ingredient to build three dishes, including pickled and fried mushrooms.

Spiven said year-round fresh produce, just miles down the road, is a chef’s kiss to the food they prepare. 

“To be able to have something like this that people will enjoy year-round, ready to go, picked the same day and on your table that night,” Spiven said, “It’s outstanding and truly a treat.”

You can stop by and check out MyCo Planet and buy your own fresh mushrooms. 

Meanwhile, Spiven will be featuring mushrooms at his restaurant for the rest of this month. Then, it’s on to a new food item.