KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Zoo announces the official opening date for the attraction’s new 650,000-gallon aquarium.

The zoo says the aquarium will open Sept. 1, 2023. The zoo plans to announce the name of the new aquarium during a ceremony Tuesday morning.

Water is filling tanks and sea life is already arriving at the aquarium, according to the zoo. The new addition will have 34 exhibits featuring fish, coral, plants, and more across six habitats.

The zoo says every tank in the new aquarium will need a different salt level for the marine life to survive. Water pumps in the basement of the building will handle the water quality.

The $75 million attraction is the single largest capital project in the Kansas City Zoo’s history. The zoo used $45 million from the zoo district sales tax, which was approved in 2011, to cover the majority of the costs. Donations covered the remaining $30 million.

The aquarium is located on the main path at the zoo, right before visitors arrive at the elephants.