After aging six years in full-sized, 53-gallon white American Oak barrels, Kansas City-based J. Rieger & Co.’s Bottled in Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey is ready to be released on June 2.

It’s the first bourbon released by J. Rieger & Co. since the distillery was shut down by prohibition in 1919. The company was rejuvenated in 2015 by a group led by Andy Rieger and Ryan Maybee.

The distillery brought in the late Dave Pickerell, who spent 14 years as master distiller at Maker’s Mark, to consult on production of the bourbon. The result is a 100-proof spirit made of 56% corn, 30% rye and 14% malted barley.

“When we started out, Pickerell wanted to know what kind of whiskey we liked,” Rieger said. “Maker’s Mark is a wheated bourbon, but we knew we really didn’t want to do a wheated bourbon. We wanted a more complex mash bill, that was less dominant corn. The more complex mash bill creates what we feel is a tougher whiskey to drink when it’s young, but if you allow it to truly mature, it creates the most beautiful bourbon possible.”

The initial bourbon release will go to market as two separate releases, one from fall 2015, and the second from spring 2016. Because of the bottled in bond status, Rieger can release its bourbon in batches made during every six-month period of distillation.