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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Anyone hosting a New Year’s Eve party knows there needs to be snacks, and lost of them to keep the crowd happy while watching the Times Square ball drop.

Pleasing partygoers this year may be much easier than you think.

Price Chopper released its list of the most popular snacks in the Kansas City metro in 2022. The company said it reached each item by simply looking at the most sold item in five categories.

FOX4 asked other chains for similar information, but Price Chopper is the only one that complied a site.

This is what Price Chopper determined Kansas City likes best:

Favorite Soda

The list shows Kansas City likes comfort and knowing what to expect.

When it comes to soda, Price Chopper says Kansas City is a Coca-Cola city.

The company said most customers passed up on fruity flavors and diet options to reach for a 12-pack of original Coca-Cola in 2022.


It’s much the same when it comes to salty snacks.

If you need an idea to take to the tailgate Sunday at Arrowhead, head straight to the bags of chips.

Price Chopper says it learned KC reached for regular Lays in the yellow bag to satisfy the munchies this year.

Frozen Pizza

Totino’s Pepperoni Pizza outsold every other variety in 2022.

The cheap, heat-to-eat favorite is the top option in Kansas City.

While General Mills now owns Totino’s, the original recipe came from Rose Totino who, with her husband, Jim, owned a take-out pizzeria in Minneapolis in the 1950s, according to Price Chopper.

Granola Bars

Those looking for a little bit healthier treat headed to the granola bar aisle. It turns out the metro loves Sunbelt Bakery Granola Bars. More specifically, customers are crazy for the company’s chocolate chip variety of granola bars.

Frozen Treats

The most popular frozen treat in Kansas City may surprise you.

It’s not ice cream, fudge bars, or frozen cookie dough.

Price Chopper says the most popular frozen treat with its customers is the simple Fun Pops Freeze Pops. They are the liquid treats in the plastic sleeves that freeze into fruity flavors.