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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The owner of the historic Katz Drug Store building in Midtown has moved to start a countdown clock for the structure to be saved in light of the City Council’s vote to deny incentives for an apartment redevelopment last week.

Redeemer Fellowship, the building’s owner, expects — and wants — commission members to deny its request. If that happens, city code prohibits Redeemer Fellowship from obtaining a permit or carrying out the demolition for 36 months. Afterward, the church would have the right to proceed with demolition without a certificate.

“We don’t want to demolish the building,” he told the Kansas City Business Journal. “But we thought it was clear from the council discussion last Thursday that there doesn’t seem to be a will … to support the redevelopment of this building.”

Council voted unanimoulsy June 24 to deny a development and property tax abatement plan. The buyer wants more than 10 years of a 75% property tax abatement. Opponents said they want to focus on affordable living over luxury apartments.