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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The city’s new airport terminal opens in less than a week.

With the new terminal comes a new airport website. Instead of using to check on things like flight delays and cancelations, the city says the website for Kansas City International Airport is now

The new website combines all information about flights, as well as information about what went in to building the new terminal.

There is also new technology when it comes to parking at the new KCI terminal next week.

The new parking garage at the airport includes a lot of red and green lights. Travelers should look for green lights inside the garage, which mean parking is available in that area of the garage. Red lights show travelers which areas of the garage are already full.

Parking in the new garage will cost $23 a day compared to $7.50 a day to park in economy.

The city chose to open the terminal on Tuesday instead of Friday because there are 30% fewer flights. That means airlines will need to move fewer planes and equipment overnight, making the process cheaper. Crowds will also be smaller.

Travelers don’t need to be concerned about how the new terminal will handle crowds. according to Kansas City’s Aviation Department and crews that built the terminal.

Thousands of people have already been inside the new terminal during a practice simulation and then an open house.

The Kansas City Aviation Department used suggestions from the public to consider making small adjustments before the terminal opens.

The new terminal is designed to make it easy for travelers to access and use.

Travelers will also see well-known restaurant and store names between security and gates that will also make the new airport feel more like Kansas City.

Plus, people using the airport will be treated to artwork designed by Kansas City-area artists.