With less than six months to takeoff on the new Kansas City International Airport terminal project, where does KCI rank with air travelers?

According to the J.D. Power Inc.’s 2022 North America Airport Satisfaction Survey released Wednesday, air travel satisfaction is down overall, likely due to fewer flights, more crowded terminals and sparse food and beverage options, according to a release.

Kansas City, J.D. Power reports, ranks third from the lowest (25 of 27), beating out Honolulu and Philadelphia International Airports in the large-sized category.

Airports scoring the highest in customer satisfaction were Minneapolis-Saint Paul (mega), San Francisco (mega), Tampa (large), John Wayne (large), Indianapolis (medium) and Pittsburgh (medium).

Michael Taylor, travel intelligence leader at J.D. Power, said that the combination of pent-up demand for air travel, the nationwide labor shortage and steadily rising prices across the board have created crowded airports and frustrated passengers. This will likely continue through 2023, he said.