Millions of people may be owed money as part of a massive Keurig K-Cup court settlement, but time is running out to submit a claim.

The company agreed to settle a 2018 lawsuit. The lawsuit said Keurig claimed the K-Cup pods were recyclable, even thought they weren’t. Recycling companies refused to accept the used pods because they were too small and hard to clean, according to the lawsuit.

People who bought Keurig K-Cups between June 2016 and August 2022 can submit a claim for part of the $10 million settlement. Claims are expected to be between $5 and $36.

The deadline to submit an online claim for most users is 11:59 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 9, 2023.

In addition to the settlement, Keurig also agreed to make sure recycling information on its packaging is accurate.

To learn more about the settlement, and how to submit a claim, visit the K-Cup Settlement Site.