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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is often seen wearing headphones while warming up before games. His Instagram feed is filled with workout and vacation videos, many including music.

Now you can find out what he’s listening to, as he’s listening to it! A free app called EarBuds, which Mahomes invested in, is making it possible.

EarBuds said its app allows users to create playlists. Users can then broadcast and simultaneously listen to the same music stream as their friends, family, sports stars, and celebrities.

“Music is a huge part of my pre-game routine. It’s how I get my head in the game to take care of business on the field. With EarBuds, you can tune in to what I’m listening to in the locker room and on the field in warm-ups,” Mahomes said.

Mahomes just published his new playlist titled “Summer vibes.” It includes hip hop and rap music such as:

The company says its app works across platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. It promises that Amazon Music and Pandora are coming soon.