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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A growing number of employers are requiring employees to be fully vaccinated, but other businesses will never issue that requirement.

People are mixed over the mandates, and other vaccine requirements that may surface in the future.

A new survey from, a background check and screening company, asked 3,000 people about a variety of issues related to COVID-19 in the workplace. It found of the people who responded from Missouri, 58% supported the idea of requiring workers to disclose their vaccination status. The company said 57% of people from Kansas agreed with the idea.

More than 40% of those respondents said they are more concerned about working with an unvaccinated coworker than someone with a lengthy criminal record.

The survey also determined that 42% of people who responded believe they should have the right to take legal action against their employer if there are a lack of safeguards in place on the job.

What if workers lie about their vaccination status? More than 15% of people surveyed believe it should be grounds for being fired. Just as many thought those employees should at least be disciplined for providing inaccurate information.

In many cases there is no legal obligation to share your COVID-19 vaccination status, but it may be required in certain circumstances.

Health experts say that vaccinated employees are less likely to get seriously ill, it’s still possible for them to carry and spread the virus.

If you’d like to see how people from other states responded to the survey, an interactive map is available on