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Tiffany Greens plan (Photo courtesy Olsson via City of Kansas City)

A Northland neighborhood could see an influx of thousands of new residents as more than 800 acres are built out in the coming decades.

Kansas City planning staff now is reviewing an eight-phase master development plan, christened Tiffany Greens, that would fundamentally remake the city’s Tiffany Springs neighborhood with a total of 1,872 new housing units and about 1.1 million square feet of commercial, office and retail uses.

Filed with the city Dec. 24, the project includes 1,318 single-family lots, 304 multifamily units, 100 townhomes and 150 senior-living residences. It also entails several infrastructure improvements, such as an eastward extension of Tiffany Springs Parkway and two roundabouts along North Green Hills Road.

The development stretches across 834 acres on both sides of the existing Tiffany Springs Parkway. Its site is bounded by Northwest 108th Street and Old Tiffany Springs Road on the north and south, with Tiffany Greens Country Club and Northwest Skyview Avenue to the west and North Green Hills Road to the east.