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Located a few steps from the City Market and riverfront, River Bluff Brewing is putting the finishing touches on its new location.

The brewery calls the former Kansas City Water Department building at 201 Main St. its second home. River Bluff opened nearly four years ago in St. Joseph, and its brews garnered the attention of locals and beyond.

Co-founder Chris Lanman said folks from Kansas City left positive reviews and asked how to get River Bluff’s beer closer to home, so it started distributing beer to bars and restaurants here.

On March 14, 2020, River Bluff sent 100 kegs to Kansas City. Just a few days later, the pandemic shuttered Kansas City’s bars and restaurants. Lanman had all the beer shipped back to St. Joseph.

“During that time period, we were shut down just like everyone else, and thought, ‘Well, when we come out of this, how can we get our beer to Kansas City again?'” Lanman said.