With the death of a plan to put apartments on the edge of Deer Creek Golf Club, surrounding neighbors may feel “the sharper edge of a double-edged sword” with what comes next.

The Overland Park City Council rejected EPC Real Estate Group LLC’s $70 million plan for multifamily on a portion of the club. After that vote, GreatLife KC LLC said the course would close on April 1.

EPC will help with the shutdown; its rejected plan included reviving the course alongside building apartments.

Developer and broker Kevin Tubbesing said the neighbors soon may experience “the sharper edge of a double-edged sword” with the denial of the proposed apartments. Single-family housing probably will be the only allowed use on the site, which in turn would decrease the value of all of the homes along the golf course.

“Instead of backing up to a golf course, (future development) will simply back up to additional single-family homes,” Tubbesing said. “The reality is that they kind of eliminated the one thing that could have saved their backyard, which would be barely visible to 99% of the people who live there. Congratulations, (the neighbors) won, and now they’re going to wind up with more houses in their backyard.”