KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City leaders resolved a debate Wednesday over redeveloping the historic 18th and Vine District, brining it one step closer to reality.

It’s a step in the right direction for some Kansas Citians.

“We’ve been promised development in the area for decades,” said Henry Service, owner of the Lincoln Building. “Other areas in the city, they’re getting soccer stadiums, multimillion-dollar investments. Power & Light sprung up out of nowhere.”

On Wednesday, a Kansas City committee approved an agreement with 18th and Vine Developers LLC for a blighted property bounded by 18th Street to the north, Vine Street to the east, 19th Street to the south and Paseo to the west.

The local company plans to bring in apartments and retail space on the property.

The plan now heads to the full council on Thursday.

“I support this development,” 3rd District Councilwoman Melissa Robinson said. “I support these developers.”

Robinson, whose district includes 18th & Vine, said this project is much needed, but she would have liked the city to maintain ownership of the property.

“Because when you look at new, especially retail developments, there’s a lot of national chains that come in just to make the financing work,” Robinson said. “That’s no fault to the developer, but we wanted to make sure 18th and Vine didn’t become another Beale Street.”

But developers said they’re ready to move forward and understand the significance of Kansas City’s Jazz District.