KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Toast the history of jazz in Kansas City with a newly-released Jazzman Black Lager from Vine Street Brewing Co.

The brewery officially released the new brew at dozens of restaurants and bars across Kansas City Friday. Locations include King G, GrindersKC, and in the new KCI Airport Terminal. A full list of locations serving Jazzman Black can be found online at the Vine Street Brewing site.

Vine Street Brewing will also soon be pouring Jazzman Black at its own location near 18th and Vine. The brewery’s co-founders hope to open their new location at 2000 Vine Street in a matter of weeks.

The brewery’s owners plan to have live music, listening parties and other events to support the local arts scene when it opens.

Vine Street Brewing is recognized as Missouri’s first Black-owned brewery.