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Autonomous vehicle company Gatik and its customers, including retail giant Walmart, now will be able to put medium-duty driverless delivery vehicles on the road in Kansas after Gov. Laura Kelly’s signing of a bill earlier this month.

The law allows fully autonomous trucks — meaning without a human safety driver in the cab — and makes Kansas the 25th state to pass such legislation, Gatik said in a release announcing the expansion of its operations into Kansas.

An “autonomous vehicle advisory committee” the law created will launch to provide standards, education and training, Forbes reports. The new statute applies to more than simply Gatik, which is based in Mountain View, California. It covers driverless-capable vehicles less than 34,000 pounds and with just two axles.

That means the legislation includes driverless taxis, Forbes reports. The provision limiting the weight and axles expires July 2, 2025.

Richard Steiner, Gatik’s head of policy, told Reuters that the company would be “getting our trucks on the road now” in Kansas, though he wouldn’t say whether the deliveries would be for Walmart or another customer.