OLATHE, Kan. — Olathe Health is officially part of the University of Kansas Health System.

Both hospitals signed a final agreement Thursday morning, completing the merger, and adding both Olathe Medical Center and Miami County Medical Center in Paola to the University of Kansas Health System. Dozens of care and clinic locations are also included.

The next step is for hospital leaders to work on a plan to integrate staff and patients.

Olathe Health employees 2,400 people and includes 350 providers, and 250 volunteers.

The health system believes the merger will improve access to healthcare for thousands of people across the area.

“It would be kind of fun to put a time capsule in the ground with all of our predictions about what the next 5 to 10 years will be, and then pull it back out and see how much of those actually came true. My guess is we will far surpass anybody’s expectations about what we can accomplish together,” Bob Page, CEO & President The University of Kansas Health System, said.

Patients will not notices changes right now, and can continue to see their same doctors, according to the University of Kansas Health. The hope is patients will experience better access to care, and quality of care in coming years.