Four neighborhood meetings, two planning commission meetings and two City Council meetings later, Minneapolis-based Ryan Cos. won approval for an apartment project in Overland Park.

On Monday evening, the Overland Park City Council approved Ryan Cos.’ revised preliminary plan and rezoning request for a 413-unit apartment project at the southwest corner of 135th Street and Antioch Road.

The project required a deviation from the city’s Unified Development Ordinance to allow for building length over 200 feet. Neighbors had argued that deviations were illegal, though on Monday evening, staff disagreed and approved the request.

The revised plans reduced the apartment count from 446 to 413, increased parking from 602 spaces to 707, shifted road access on 137th Street to the west of the site and ensured that all the buildings were four stories tall.

Today, 137th Street is just a two-lane road without the necessary turn lanes. Ryan agreed to transform the road into a four-lane, “super-collector road,” according to the city’s requirements in its future development plan.

The developer also financially committed to the Blue Valley Recreation Commission to help build an additional right turn lane at 137th Street and Antioch Road.

“Neighbors were concerned that the road would back up due to traffic from the ball fields, so with the road improvements we’ve included with our project, it will drastically benefit the circulation and the community,” said Brandon Brensing, Ryan’s vice president of development.