The 506-acre Southern Meadows, a residential project that could add 1,169 homes to Overland Park, made it through its first big approval in the planning process.

Developer Southern Meadows LLC, an affiliate of Overland Park-based Lambie Homes LLC, originally was scheduled to present the project before the Overland Park Planning Commission last month, but planners continued the project for the sixth time. It was unanimously approved last week.

Southern Meadows will maintain the property’s zoning from 2017, when the land last was considered for redevelopment.

Ten years ago, ALF HM Johnson County LLC, an affiliate of Philadelphia-based American Land Fund, had a grand vision for the 572-acre Walnut Trail near 191st and State Line. But that plan failed in 2017 after homebuyers, builders and developers didn’t buy in to it.

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