KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Pennway Point announces the first tenants that will be in place when the entertainment area opens next year.

Pennway Point is made up of former industrial buildings at the corner of West 25th Street and Pennway Street, nearly underneath I-35 as it passes the IRS Processing Center. Developers are working to turn the buildings into large restaurant and entertainment spaces with a variety of food and drink options.

Barrel Hall will house Boulevard Brewery’s Barrel Aged Tasting Experience and Taproom, sausage stand Wurstl, Chef J BBQ and The Bull Creek Distillery. The hall will have enough room for 150 people to sit under its curved roof with room for another 100 visitors in the attached Smoke Shack.

Next door, TaleGate will house Beef & Bottle, Funk House and Talegate Park, giving visitors food and music options, with performances spaces for concerts and gameday activities. Indoor areas will have DJs playing music from the 1960’s and 1970’s while visitors pass through to a balcony area with seating areas.

“We’ll have a small stage and screen in front, main central bar over there, we have room for…five elevated VIP Box Suites that look down into the Talegate,” Dante Passantino, DAVINCI KC Founding Partner, said.

The 6-acre development will be open from 10 a.m. through midnight, striving to be a family-friendly spot with activities for people of all ages throughout the day.

“There’s multiple turnovers throughout the day and we want to be inviting to everyone,” Passantino said. “Family-friendly focus is our number one goal.”

DAVINCI KC is using a licensing agreement with tenants instead of a traditional landlord-tenant agreement.

Passantino said that makes DAVINCI KC responsible for building out the location and maintaining common areas while tenants are only responsible for their own equipment. It requires more from DAVINCI to get the project off the ground, but Passantino said a traditional rental agreement might not work for a project like this.

The three concepts in TaleGate will be operated by Brooksider and Harpo’s owners Chuck and Jack Naylor, who had been looking to expand within the Kansas City area. They thought Pennway Point made the most sense.

“We were trying to figure out what that vision was going to be, but it was cool man,” Chuck said. “The space is just awesome. Six acres in basically the Crossroads area of downtown was very intriguing to us.”

Passantino said there will be 400 parking spaces underneath I-35, with access to another 2,000 spaces closer to Union Station. Ride share and valet parking will also make it easier for people to come and go from the location.

Between the two buildings, Neon Alley will highlight more than 50 vintage neon signs from Kansas City’s history, curated by Nick Vedros and LUMI.

“We’ll have 30-foot I-beam structures with neon signs on either side,” Passantino said, pointing out that the signs, along with a massive observation wheel will change the Kansas City skyline.

The Observation Wheel will also be near a 16-hole mini golf course. More information about that part of the project is expected soon.

Pennway Point is privately funded through investors, so Passantino said they don’t plan to ask for any public funding.

The goal is to open in early 2024.