Plan to build 11 warehouses has some southern Johnson County residents pushing back


EDGERTON, Kan. — A proposal to build several warehouse buildings in a Southern Johnson County community has some residents upset.

“We like the peace and quiet out here,” Jenni Koch, a resident said.

The Koch family has been living on their 80 acres of land for 40 years.

“We have horses and animals, and we love the land,” Koch said. “We love to be outside.”

Their peace and quiet could be shattered if more warehouses pop up.

“We have to deal with the truck traffic and just having a warehouse next to our home is not the view that we want,” Koch said.

There’s a proposal for 11 warehouses to be built less than a mile from their home.

Their land wouldn’t be affected, but for people who live not far away, the warehouses would be their new view.

“I don’t want to move, but how can you stay if it becomes this monstrosity that they’re planning?” Jennifer Williams, a resident said.

Northpoint’s Logistic Park wants to use 100 million square feet of land in Edgerton and turn it into Amazon warehouses. More than 100 homes would surround the building.

It’ll look familiar to the Kubota and Hostess warehouses 3 miles from Koch’s home.

The land was in Johnson County but was annexed to Edgerton in December 2020.

“Edgerton is not looking at this with clear eyes because they’re blinded by their profit,” Williams said.

Williams and Koch aren’t residents in Edgerton but will be impacted by the warehouses as well. And they aren’t the only people who don’t like the proposal.

An online petition has more than 2,000 signatures.

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The City of Edgerton said the planning and zoning department recommended approval for the idea. Now it’s up to the city council’s vote this Thursday.

“Everyone feels the same,” Koch said. “They do not want to live close to a warehouse and they moved out there for the same reasons that we all did.”

Residents are planning to be at the meeting on Thursday.

If the city council approves the application to turn the land into multiple warehouses, residents said they’ll take their issues to a judge.



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