Platte County now allowing bars, restaurants to stay open until midnight


PLATTE CITY, Mo. — Platte County leaders have joined other Kansas City metro jurisdictions in relaxing closing times for restaurants and bars.

At a special meeting Friday, the Platte County Health Department’s board adopted a new public health order, which will allow restaurants, taverns and other food and drink venues to stay open until midnight.

The county’s previous order required these businesses to close at 10 p.m.

Drive-thru, curbside and delivery services are also allowed to continue after midnight under the new order. It takes effect on Saturday, Jan. 16.

The change makes Platte County’s order more consistent with Kansas City and Jackson and Clay counties in Missouri and Wyandotte and Johnson counties in Kansas. Johnson County has had a midnight closing time for several months now; the other jurisdictions changed their times within the past week.

The health department noted that the rate of positive COVID-19 cases in Platte County over the last 14 days is still high, but leaders made the change to keep the county on a level playing field with the rest of the metro.

“The board also discussed the importance of eliminating the temptation for Platte County residents to drive to and from other jurisdictions after consuming alcohol,” the health department said in a statement Friday.



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