Future Country Club Plaza buildings seeking height variances may face significantly less wiggle room, thanks to a proposed policy from a familiar alliance of stakeholders.

An ordinance would amend the Plaza Bowl Overlay District to stipulate, “In no event shall the City Council grant a (building height) deviation in excess of the lesser of 10% of the height limitations set forth in this ordinance, or six feet, or which shall add any occupiable floor space.”

The amendment also says that city officials must consider whether requested deviations are based on “reasonably necessary and demonstrated need or hardship” — life safety, engineering, construction or restoration reasons, rather than applicant-created conditions — and would “adversely affect” any neighboring or nearby properties.

City Council members Katheryn ShieldsAndrea Bough and Eric Bunch co-sponsored the new ordinance, with support from Block Real Estate Services LLC, Historic Kansas City and the Plaza’s management.

As is, the Plaza Bowl policy does not restrict height deviation requests. Rather, it gives officials leeway to grant those exceptions — “if the proposed use is consistent with the zoning of the property” and if the deviation is called out as such on the development plan in question.