KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City barbecue restaurant is getting a lot of love from across the pond, thanks to one of the show’s stars.

Jason Sudeikis, who plays Ted Lasso in the streaming show, grew up in Overland Park eating Kansas City-style barbecue.

Now he’s subtlety letting the rest of the world know about one of his favorite Kansas City spots

Sudeikis is dropping pictures of Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue into certain episodes of the show. The last two episodes show pictures of the restaurant as the background on Lasso’s laptop.

“Beyond honored to be Ted Lasso’s laptop background, as seen in the newest episode. Believe in BBQ,” Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue tweeted last week.

The tweet was followed up with a request from the restaurant when the building showed up again.

“Second week in a row we make an appearance on @TedLasso . Please never change your laptop background, Ted. Believe in BBQ. @jasonsudeikis,” Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue tweeted.

The barbecue spot says it loves the special shoutout, so much it created a slogan based on the popular show, complete with a replica “Believe” sign hanging above the door.

‘When we post our new Ted Lasso-inspired slogan “Believe in BBQ,” the phone has tried to autocorrect to “Believe in BBW.” We absolutely believe in them too,” Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue tweeted.

Arthur Bryant’s Barbecue is known as one of the fathers of Kansas City-style barbecue. It is credited with creating burnt ends and has fed Kansas City for more than 100 years. Presidents, Hollywood stars, and athletes have also dropped by for a barbecue bite.