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Camino Real Utility, LLC (CRU), a wholly owned subsidiary of BVRT Utility Holding Company, LLC (BVRT), begins construction of its regional water resources recovery facility (WRRF) to serve the City of Mustang Ridge, TX (Mustang Ridge) and the surrounding areas

Groundbreaking ceremony for new Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) Facility to commence at 4:00pm on 6/22/2023. Location: 18301 Camino Real (SR 21) in Mustang Ridge (1/2 mile east of Old Lockhart Rd/FM 1854 intersection)

MUSTANG RIDGE, Texas, June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Two years ago, CRU and Mustang Ridge created a public-private partnership to provide potable water, reuse water, and water resource recovery services to Mustang Ridge and the surrounding areas. CRU is making a combined $75.7 million initial investment in this new water and water resource recovery system and has already undertaken engineering and major procurement. This ceremony represents the start of construction for the WRRF, expected to be operational in 7-9 months, with potable water following in 12-14 months.

MBR plants produce superior-quality effluent that can be safely reused for any non-potable application, including human contact, or discharged into any waterway. The reuse or discharged water quality is usually higher than that found in the ambient ecosystem. CRU's new MBR facility will be able to serve the needs of thousands of homes and businesses for decades to come.

Mustang Ridge's Mayor, David Bunn, says, "CRU's investments are driving the economic growth of our community."

"This represents a milestone for BVRT and CRU. BVRT began its journey in 2013, working to enhance the quality of life in our service areas and communities. This new total cycle water system will enable us to make a significant positive impact on the local community and region and enable the community to develop sustainably." said BVRT's Chief Executive Officer, Steven Greenberg.

About BVRT Utility Holding Company

BVRT is a Texas-based utility development company that owns and operates seven water resource recovery utilities that serve growing communities in the Texas Triangle. The Company focuses on greenfield developments and public-private partnerships with emerging communities. It is energetically pursuing additional opportunities to build and enhance water and wastewater infrastructure in all areas of the Texas Triangle. 

BVRT's investment is made possible through the backing of its majority investor, Texas Water Service Company, which is a subsidiary of California Water Service Group.

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