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Adam Cox Of GuaranteedBusinessFunding.org Helps Southwest Stone Secure $500,000 in ERTC Funding With Help From Paychex

GuaranteedBusinessFunding.org helps secure $500,000 in ERTC funding for SouthWest stone in Tulsa

We are better then banks at business funding at GuaranteedBusinessFunding.org our Guarantee is in our name”
— Adam Cox
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA, US, September 30, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Adam Cox with the popular business funding website www.guaranteedbusinessfunding.org has helped Southwest Stone a Tulsa-based masonry company that offers national installation of stone as well as having its own stone quarries and thin stone processing plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with securing over $500,000 in ERTC funding.

This occurred over a casual conversation with the management of Southwest Stone to discuss strategic growth opportunities, during this casual conversation Adam mentioned how business owners can use ERTC credits that the government has not yet paid out to companies as leverage to get better terms on capital to use for expansion or for any capital need.

The savvy management of Southwest stone quickly picked up on the opportunity the USE of the ERTC program provides companies and pounced on it, like a wild tiger. The result was quick, swift, and powerful, within a couple of days Southwest Stone was in touch with Paychex and uncovered over $500,000 in ERTC funding. The management of Southwest Stone was ecstatic with the results and Adam Cox of GuaranteedBusinesssFunding.org secured the satisfaction of one more business that is rolling with the punches to excel no matter what the surrounding economy is.

GuarnteedBusinessFunding.org helps Hedge Funds and Private Equity Resources Connect with businesses who need capital to expand, GuarnteedBusinesssFunding.org focuses on bad credit, no credit, startup, and complex business funding transactions, however, their deep resources in the private financial markets of hedge fund access and private equity also gives them access to low-cost business funding opportunities that can "beat the banks" in both cost and terms for those with good credit, while also providing business funding at a higher cost for those that can't get business funding elsewhere because they have horrible credit, no credit, tax problems or are new in business or have previous loan defaults or bankruptcies.

GuarnteedBusinessFunding.org offers ERTC Credit bridge loans to those With ERTC Credits who need cash now but have bad credit or no credit

Also, GuaranteedBusinessFunding.org offers to fund those that don't have ERTC credits but just need business funding quickly or have bad or no credit using its business cash advance on future sales

As well GuaranteedBusinessFunding.org offers a super popular Real-estate Sale-Leaseback for Bad credit/no credit, which allows business owners to stay in their real estate and operate their business for often a cost of just 1% of the paid value of the real estate per month, which is an annual cost of just 12% with no credit check or credit needed and the ability to buy back that real-estate within ten years via a proprietary method for up to 25% less then the original appraised value of the real-estate

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