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New Zantango Platform Transforms Miami's Island Fence By Immediately Connecting Customers to Live Experts via QR Codes

A QR Code and the Live Expert that is connected to It along with the Zantango Search Bar for Experts

The Zantango Platform: Transforming How We Receive Expertise

The Zantango platform gives Island Fence a better way to transform the Customer experience -- scan a code and connect with a live person right away

MIAMI, FL, USA, March 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Buying fencing for consumers and contractors has been a low tech, mundane, and often frustrating experience for many.

When Island Fence, a leading fence company in Hialeah, Florida, heard about the new peer-to-peer digital platform Zantango has been developing, they jumped at the chance to incorporate it. The goal is to enable customers to scan QR codes on products, signs, even business cards, and immediately be connected to a fencing expert via live video on their smartphones who can answer any of their questions and immediately solve their problems. “We love the idea of bringing back the immediacy of the personal touch right way,” says Mark Lopez, VP of Operations. “Many of our clients are on the move, and often low tech, so providing them with a way to efficiently scan a QR code and reach a live person immediately was huge. Not simply a website, FAQ, or a bunch of videos… but a live person,” adds Alex Lopez, Mark’s partner. “We’re not a huge operation, but we do service a ton of clients. It’s hard to be everywhere and solve everyone’s problems. The Zantango platform notifies us on our phones wherever we are, and we can immediately connect. This takes us a huge step closer to resolving this dilemma,” says Mark.

Zantango is intent on changing the way that people interact. Gary Kramer, co-founder of Zantango, says, “People are so overwhelmed with technology now that they are losing their humanity without getting adequate solutions to their problems. Yes, we can search Google, watch videos and leave phone messages, taking days and weeks to resolve issues. We all want immediate gratification, and getting immediate answers from a real person is now amazingly possible.”

In fact, Zantango has developed a platform of real value to both businesses and consumers. On the enterprise side, like Island Fence, the platform utilizes QR Codes for products and departments of large retailers -- connecting consumers with manufacturers and retailers and their reps. Online, people are connected via links on websites. For both off and on-line, people can use their phone video cameras to showcase issues and various aspects of products to the experts and vice-versa. Another important feature is that experts/sales reps can share their screens if on computers.

For consumers, Zantango.com or the Zantango app enables people via a Google Search-type bar to look for a wide variety of experts and be immediately connected live. This is especially exciting for Seniors and the technology-challenged, who have trouble searching. Experts can now share their expertise via the site, and then generate new leads, receive tips, and set up ongoing expertise sessions. This can be anyone from a plumber to a surfer to someone who can speak other languages. Searches can be geo-located by zip code, so experts like plumbers are able to do local house calls.

Imagine the power of having a plumbing problem at ten at night that can be immediately resolved.

Overall, Island Fence and Zantango want to bring the immediacy and power of the human connection back, using a new, exciting and simple-to-use digital platform.

For more information go to: www.zantango.com and www.islandfence.com

About Island Fence
Island Fence is a leading manufacturer, retailer, and installer of fencing and fencing-related products in the Miami, FL area.
Website: www.islandfence.com

About Zantango Inc.
Zantango has created a digital platform that enhances the way people receive and share expertise.
Website: www.zantango.com

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The Power of Zantango

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