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2immersive4u Revolutionizes Music Video Production with AI Technology, taking Hollywood by Storm and Beyond

2immersive4u Logo

2immersive4u Logo

2immersive4u, incubated at Koffman's, disrupts global entertainment with AI and visuals. Aiming for international impact, it's a rising disruptor.

We are on the brink of redefining the global narrative for artists and creators”
— George Radmilovic
UNITED STATES, September 1, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Emerging from the innovative ecosystem of Koffmans Incubator, Cleveland-based startup 2immersive4u is reshaping the global entertainment paradigm. Fueled by artificial intelligence and creative zeal, the company is breaking away from traditional Hollywood protocols, embracing a more expansive, global vision for artistic expression.

A Startup to Watch: The Journey from Koffmans Incubator
2immersive4u's robust foundation in technology, business strategy, and financial planning has positioned it as a formidable force in the entertainment industry. Co-founder George Radmilovic, the financial cornerstone of the startup, plays a pivotal role. "George has enabled us to become a well-rounded, investment-ready enterprise," states CEO Dusan Simic, emphasizing Radmilovic's vital contributions.

After its successful stint at Koffmans Incubator, the startup quickly attracted high-profile attention, most notably from Los Angeles-based musician, actress, and producer Brooke Josephson. Known for her roles in popular TV series like "Bones" and "Good Girls," and movies such as "The Broken Hearts Club," Josephson found in 2immersive4u an avenue for cutting-edge artistic collaboration.

Partnership with Brooke Josephson: A Milestone Achievement
The alliance between 2immersive4u and Josephson is more than fortuitous—it's a calculated alignment of vision and innovation. Within a remarkably short period, the startup produced a visually captivating lyric video for Josephson. This project serves as a tangible testament to 2immersive4u's capabilities and underlines its potential to disrupt traditional forms of music video production.

Not Just Hollywood: A Global Vision
According to George Radmilovic, "Our disruption is not confined to Hollywood; it transcends geographical borders." The company is rolling out plans to expand its cutting-edge platform worldwide, aiming to empower artists at every stage of their careers, irrespective of their location. "We are on the brink of redefining the global narrative for artists and creators," Radmilovic adds.

Leadership and Mentorship: The Building Blocks of Success
Dusan Simic is quick to acknowledge the role that mentorship and teamwork have played in the company's growth. "The business acumen imparted by Eric Krohn and the in-depth animation insights from Douglas DC Sayre were transformative. George has been indispensable, offering not just financial know-how but also enduring friendship," Simic shares.

Expanding Horizons: Augmented Reality and Live Concert Visuals
With its eyes set on the future, 2immersive4u aims to further diversify its portfolio by venturing into augmented reality and live concert visuals. "Our ambitions stretch beyond the status quo. We aim to revolutionize how the world engages with art and music," Simic confirms.

This trailblazing startup is more than a business; it's the materialization of a collective vision and enduring friendship. With a robust lineup of innovations on the horizon, 2immersive4u stands on the cusp of global disruption in the entertainment arena.

"We've always been driven by the dream of transforming global artistic engagement. Now, that dream is increasingly within reach," Simic concludes.

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