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Groundbreaking Ceremony Marks the Launch of Sustainable Housing Subdivision in Colquitt, Georgia

Pictured here are local community members at the groundbreaking of the Legacy of Colquitt

Pictured here are local community members at the groundbreaking of the Legacy of Colquitt

This groundbreaking ceremony marks not only the start of an eco-conscious housing project but also a catalyst for economic revitalization.”
— Georgia State Representative Gerald Green (R-Cuthbert)

COLQUITT, GEORGIA, USA, September 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The Atlanta division of Green Home Builders USA, in partnership with Vorsight Development, LLC held a groundbreaking ceremony today for a sustainable and affordable housing subdivision named “Legacy of Colquitt” that is set to revitalize the local economy by adding a new housing subdivision in Colquitt, Georgia.

This ambitious endeavor is a beacon of hope for Colquitt's economic expansion and well-being, highlighting a dedication to sustainable progress that not only improves residents' quality of life but also drives the region's economic progress. Moreover, what sets this project apart is the affordability of the new homes, offering numerous individuals a real opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

This project is set to benefit from the recently announced Rural Workforce Housing Initiative, as highlighted in Governor Brian P. Kemp's State of the State address for Georgia. In this address, the City of Colquitt was awarded a substantial $2.4 million grant to upgrade the water and sewer systems used in part by homes in the Legacy of Colquitt Subdivision. This investment in critical infrastructure not only ensures these essential services work well for the subdivision and a nearby 44-unit multi-family housing development, but also opens the door for potential nearby developments. Plus, the improved water and sewer capacity will play a vital role in supporting the local hospital, bolstering the overall well-being of the community. (Read press release here)

Local construction build will start in Q1 2024 and will be handled by Exquisite Designs Elegant Home Build, LLC, a woman-owned and operated new-build construction company whose owner is originally from Colquitt. These homes are designed with a focus on energy efficiency, which involves incorporating features like better insulation, energy-efficient appliances, and renewable energy sources (e.g., solar panels) to minimize energy consumption.

Key Economic Benefits-
Job Creation: The eagerly anticipated new 49-home housing development in Colquitt, Georgia is set to make a substantial impact on the community, resulting in the creation of temporary local jobs for residents, providing a significant boost to the local economy.

The construction phase alone will generate numerous employment opportunities for skilled laborers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and many others, not to mention additional positions like landscaping and maintenance that would be available after.

Increased Property Values: As the subdivision flourishes, it is expected to enhance property values in the surrounding areas, providing a positive ripple effect that benefits homeowners and local businesses alike. It's not just about building homes; it's about building a stronger, more resilient community where local businesses can thrive and residents can enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Local Business Support: The sustainable housing subdivision will serve as a catalyst for local business growth, fostering a thriving economic ecosystem within the community. Moreover, with more families moving into the area, there will be a growing need for essential services, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. This presents an excellent opportunity for local entrepreneurs and small businesses to expand and cater to the evolving needs of new residents.

At the Ceremony-
Local dignitaries were on hand at the ceremony to make remarks, along with Ricardo Betts, the Managing Director of the GH Builders USA Atlanta Division who stated, “This sustainable housing subdivision is not just about creating affordable and eco-friendly homes, but also about generating a wealth of opportunities for the community. Through smart planning and innovative design, this project is injecting new life into Colquitt's economy, driving homeownership, and boosting local businesses.”

Georgia State Representative Gerald Green (R-Cuthbert), who is the co-chair of House Rural Development Council, remarked "This groundbreaking ceremony marks not only the start of an eco-conscious housing project but also a catalyst for economic revitalization. These companies are leading the way in creating jobs, fostering business growth, and boosting property values right here in Colquitt, Georgia."

Colquitt Mayor Preston Clenney said “As we celebrate this milestone today, we are also celebrating the resilience of our community. This sustainable housing subdivision represents an investment in our local economy, and it is heartening to see one of our own members playing a pivotal role in its economic resurgence."

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