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Real-Time Global Language Translation Solution That Does Not Use AI Launched

1Voice.AI, a real-time language translation solution

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES , September 27, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- 1Voice.AI has officially launched a real-time language translation solution (available here). The subscription-based model eliminates language limitations, offering effortless communication in real-time across 47 languages (boasting an impressive 98% accuracy rate).

"Two people around the world speaking in their native tongues can have a conversation without a delay or intermediary. For the first time in human history, communication barriers no longer exist. We are so excited about 1Voice.AI because of all the potential it has to bring peace and economic collaboration on a global scale." said Simon Wilby, CEO and inventor of 1Voice.AI

1Voice.ai places a high priority on user privacy, ensuring that conversations remain confidential. The service is also designed to be easy to use. Additionally, 1Voice.AI is built on a proprietary engine developed in-house which allows the company to offer greater control over performance, functionality, and security.

"1Voice.AI can assure the safety and security of users as we do not use a third-party system like GPUs/H100s to run AI' to run our system. Our system is our own code and for that, we give the security making sure the data the security of our customers is 100%" said Wilby

With a mission to break down language barriers and promote seamless global communication, 1Voice.AI is poised to reshape the way the world connects.

For more information, please visit - www.1voice.ai or call 212-202-0004.

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