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As the Kansas City Power & Light District has developed over time, downtown stakeholders have heralded the entertainment district for revitalizing multiple longtime blighted blocks and driving new residential growth projected to continue for the foreseeable future.

A little more than 15 years after its first businesses opened, the district now is home to more than 40 businesses, including a growing roster of food, drink and retail establishments, plus two “Light” apartment towers, with a third under construction for a scheduled September opening.

And The Cordish Cos. is far from finished with its urban investments — though its options are dwindling as far as where it could pursue them, at least within the district’s boundaries as originally drawn.

There’s close to an acre of surface parking next to B&B Theatres, northwest of Main Street and Truman Road, where business entity moves over the summer pointed to early-stage preparations for a Four Light residential tower there.

Last year, Cordish’s former local leader flagged a different site northwest of 14th and Main streets as a potential candidate for the project, replacing a vacant retail building.

On the same block, a joint venture of Copaken Brooks, H&R Block Inc. and Jury & Associates in late 2019 won city incentives to build the Strata office tower, above existing retail and a new parking garage, though that plan has not since advanced.