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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — You may soon see more people in your neighborhoods.

Jackson County warned that property assessors will soon focus on the Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Lone Jack, and Greenwood neighborhoods.

They are working to reassess all property in the county by 2023, and need to physically look at each location. The project will last through 2022.

Jackson County said the reassessments are needed because of the significant increase in property values since 2017. According to the county, if property value increases by more than 15%, interior inspections are required to be offered to the property owner — unless improvements have been made to cause the jump.

Property owners should have received their 2021 assessments in April. There are instructions in that notice if you want to have your property’s valuation reviewed.

This is the first valuation following what many felt was a disastrous assessment in 2019, leading to thousands of appeals. 

Some homeowners are still frustrated by the process, but the county is making sweeping changes to improve its assessments.

Jackson County’s assessor told FOX 4 last month that a lot’s going into making the process better. This year, the county is using a new method called “trending” to more accurately pinpoint home values. 

Jackson County lists answers to its most frequently asked questions about the reassessment process online.