KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you’ve been stopped for speeding, or cited for breaking another municipal law, you may be owed money because of a settlement in a class action lawsuit.

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled last year that it was illegal to collect court fees to fund the state’s Sheriffs’ Retirement Fund. Many people who have been cited and paid municipal fines in Missouri over the years have also paid the $3 fee.

Two class action lawsuits were filed over the fee, and a settlement has been reached.

Thousands of people have been notified of the settlement by mail. If you received a postcard from the Claims Administrator for the Missouri Sheriffs’ Retirement System, it is not junk mail. It means you can submit an online claim form to recoup the fees.

The settlement provides $4.50 for each $3 fee paid, and you may be eligible for more than one payment.

If you received a post card, like the one pictured above, it includes your claim number above your name. You will be able to enter that number when you file a claim online.

There is also an option if you believe you paid the fee, but do not already have a claim number.

Your claim form must be submitted or postmarked by March 7, 2022.