NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal is bringing his fried chicken restaurant to Kansas City.

Big Chicken is opening a spot inside Terminal B at the Kansas City International Airport’s new single terminal and is hiring for hourly and management positions. The new location marks Big Chicken’s first in Missouri and the Kansas City metro.

With Big Chicken, O’Neal has taken his discipline on the court to the kitchen. The restaurant’s fried chicken breading, for example, took nine months to perfect and leads to a “crispier skin that can stand up to even our boldest barbeque sauce.” The hand-breaded chicken also is free from preservatives, hormones and antibiotics.

The restaurant set out to combine O’Neal’s home-cooked childhood favorites with trending flavors. Even the menu item names draw inspiration from his life, including Uncle Jerome, a nod to his supportive uncle, and nicknames such as M.D.E. On the court, it meant “most dominant ever.” But for Big Chicken, there’s a slightly different take.

“The finished chicken breast is 100% M.D.E. — most delicious ever,” O’Neal said in a company video.

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