Six Flags St. Louis pauses some rides because of worker shortage


EUREKA, Mo. – If you’re planning a road trip to Six Flags St. Louis in the near future, you could be in for a little disappointment.

The park said it can’t find enough employees and the rides and attractions don’t operate all the time when the park is open.

“We may have to rotate some rides, we may have to close the rides temporarily so that we make sure our employees get some breaks and we’re taking care of them during the day,” said Elizabeth Gotway, spokesperson for Six Flags.

Six Flags guests are noticing.

“There was some carnival games down, some rides down that we expected to be open. There were definitely less workers,” Chelsy Wilson said.

The park, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, is opening the prize vault to potential workers. Six Flags St. Louis said it’s giving new employees lots of perks and a chance at big bonuses.

“We want to be the employer of choice, so we have invited a lot of incentives,” Gotway said.

Six Flags has bumped up its hourly pay rate. New workers can receive up to a $1,000 bonus. Food is free for culinary workers. Lifeguard certification is free. The first uniform is free.

Employees can even share one perk with their family.

“This is brand new this year. Offering our seasonal employees a free membership for their immediate family up to four,” Gotway said.

Not everyone notices the Six Flags worker shortage, and those that know there is one are cutting the park some slack.

“I would understand if there was. There’s a manpower shortage in the United States right now,” park-goer Rachel Bollinger said. “We live in Florida. We know all about shortage of staff right now.”

And the park does not want to hire only teenagers.

“We have some wonderful, wonderful employees who work our first gate that are senior citizens and they love it,” Gotway said.

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