MISSION, Kan. – Few businesses may be as easily recognizable as the iconic American burger stand of the 1950s, and at one beloved burger joint in Mission, new owners are looking to pay tribute to a sign that has endured the test of time.

Snack Shack owners Rayna Andrew-Tolle and Matt Tolle have requested the pole sign in front of their business at 6018 Johnson Drive be designated as a historic sign. 

According to city documents, the building was originally a Valentine Diner and still has the plaque inside that designates it as a historical structure. 

For roughly 20 years, the building at the northeast corner of Johnson Drive and Beverly Avenue was home to Whopper Burger. The building then served as the Mission location for Town Topic Hamburgers from 1985 until 2020. 

Soon after, the Tolles purchased the building to relocate the Snack Shack from downtown Overland Park with plans to open in 2021. After experiencing multiple delays brought on by the pandemic, the couple reopened the Snack Shack in Mission in April 2022. 

To be considered historic, the city requires signs to be at least 40 years old, in good condition with a majority of its defining features still intact. 

According to Scot Sparks, owner of Town Topic Hamburgers, the 20-foot sign has not been altered except to add vinyl inside the frame. In a letter to the city, Sparks noted the building maintains several retro features, including a Valentine Diner wall safe, diner-style counter and stools, and a jukebox that are original to the building. 

The Mission Planning Commission will review the historic sign application at its next regular meeting on Monday, May 23 at 7 p.m.