WESTON, Mo. — Dozens of people planned to take a run down the slopes at Snow Creek to begin the New Year, but things don’t always work out as planned.

The Weston ski resort had to close early on Monday because of the forecasted rain. Then Snow Creek later updated that it’s pausing operations. The attraction just opened last week.

Staff plan to share a reopening date as soon as they have one.

Snow Creek said the temporary closure is due to the recent rain and warmer temperatures.

During the cold snap, crews at the resort made artificial snow to combine with the real snow Weston saw before Christmas. But the warm weather that came afterward, with temperatures into the 60s, isn’t helping Snow Creek.

We typically need several hours of temperatures below 27 degrees, as well as low humidity, in order to make snow.

Snow Creek

Snow Creek hopes to be able to get the snow makers running later this week with cooler temperatures predicted.

The resort said anyone with tubing, lift tickets or ski school products will hear from Snow Creek staff via email with information on refunds.