DALLAS — Southwest Airlines announced a major power play that has a lot of travelers talking.

The airline unveiled a plan to upgrade everything from customer service to in-flight experiences beginning this summer.

It includes upgraded in-flight Wi-Fi, which is expected to operate at faster speeds and be more reliable.

“The objective really is to give you access to the same content that you’re used to on the ground while you’re flying with us at 30,000 feet,” Ryan Green, Sr. VP Marketing Officer for Southwest Airlines, said.

Southwest also said it will add USB-A and USB-C power ports to seats in its 737 Max planes. Travelers will no longer need to worry about a device dying mid-flight.

Another eye-opening change coming is larger storage bins for carry-on luggage, according to Southwest Airlines.

“We know when you bring a personal item on board, you want to make sure there’s enough space for it, and we want to make sure there’s enough space for it too.”

The upgrades will begin soon, but won’t happen overnight, Southwest Airlines said.

One thing customers will be able to access in the coming weeks is the airlines expanded in-flight entertainment.

Green said the airline will more than double the number of free in-flight movies this summer.