KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Union Station is taking a much different approach with its next exhibit.

The landmark announced it will hold the world premier of “Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing” at Union Station in May. The exhibition is produced by Marvel Studios.

The exhibition tells the story of Spider-Man from the character’s origins in 1962 to his current adventures.

Fans will see original art, photo ops, and experience interactive displays involving the webslinger.

Visitors will also learn about the people who have been involved with bringing the super hero to life over the past 60 years.

Guests will also learn how the web-slinger has adapted and changed over the years from film to video games. Fans will also be treated to a look at original comic art, film production elements, and behind-the-scenes materials.

“There’s a lot of Spider-Man to talk about and represent in this exhibition. There’s the historical narrative of the history of the character. There’s the fictional narrative, and then there’s the pop culture narrative of how this character has affected popular culture, been affected by popular culture and touched all of our lives,” Patrick A. Reed, Exhibition Curator, said.

The exhibit is expected to open May 26 and run through the end of September. Tickets are $22 for adults and $20 for children. Union Station members get tickets for $15 a person.

Union Station’s current event, MAYA: The Exhibition is open through Sunday for anyone who still wants to experience it.