Summer Moon coffee shop in Overland Park a first of its kind in Kansas City


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A Texas-based coffee chain just expanded to Overland Park with their unique tasting coffee, a first for the Kansas City area.

A local couple recently opened Summer Moon Coffee at 91st Street and Metcalf Avenue. The franchise, which only has one other non-Texas location in Oklahoma, does their coffee a little differently.

Pictures on the wall depict their unique bean roasting style, showing an apparatus over an open flame. Store owner Shelly Graham said kiln roasting gives it a flavor that air roasting can’t achieve.

“It has a unique, smooth flavor that people love,” Graham said. “It’s very non-acidic.”

The result is so good, this new coffee place is seeing unbelievable business. Graham said there are lines out the doors most weekend mornings.

Graham said she and her family were down in Texas and happened across this different type of coffee. They fell in love.

“We ended up loving it so much, we wanted to bring it to Kansas,” she said.

Summer Moon continues a trend of Texas-based stores finding a warm welcome in the KC metro. Whataburger has extensive plans for several locations, which were announced in 2020.

Some of Summer Moon’s beverages also have a special ingredient: moon milk. It’s basically cream infused with syrup, and people can’t seem to get enough.

“It’s our signature sweet cream that we use in our coffees and our lattes, and people go crazy for it,” Graham said. “It’s seven secret ingredients.”

She said she is thankful for the support and love from the community, as people have already come from all over Kansas and Missouri to taste this Texas treat.

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