The Rieger is closing it doors at end of October due to complications from COVID-19 pandemic


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A popular Kansas City restaurant is falling victim to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they aren’t going out without giving what they’ve got left. The Rieger announced on Facebook that it’s going dark.

After nearly a decade of serving fine food inside of its welcoming walls, Kansas Citians like Elizabeth Belden have made The Rieger a part of their lives.

“It was just devastating to see. I understand restaurants are struggling and I know that they’re all struggling, but this one in particular, really hurts,” she told FOX4.

“I think it was my parents’ 40th anniversary, sitting at the chef’s counter and Howard had kept on bringing out little treats in between the courses, and my parents just felt like they were the most important people in the city that night.”

Saturday, she stood outside in a socially-distanced line to support the restaurant for one of the last times. During the first few months of the pandemic, The Rieger transformed its dining room into “Crossroad Community Kitchen,” allowing people to eat and pay just what they could afford.  

It’s that kind of heart, and the people who worked there, that make saying goodbye so tough.

“Restaurants like that just don’t come around every day, so it’s really a tragic loss to miss this one,” Belden said.

October 31 is the restaurant’s last day. They posted they’re holding on to hope of being able to relaunch at a future date.



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