KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Three Light, the latest luxury apartment tower in downtown Kansas City, is slated to open in less than a month.

September will mark the end of a two-year process that has brought another change to the Kansas City skyline.

Now construction crews are pushing to finish work before those first residents move in.

About 40% of units have already been locked down by future residents. Lease signings are expected to accelerate somewhat once the building becomes more accessible because, right now, it’s the realm of construction workers.

“Nowadays, we’re right around 160 people on site. At our peak, we were right around 300 or just north of 300 people on site,” said Matt Jansen, project director for J.E. Dunn Construction Company.

“The complicated part is putting everything together with such a small footprint to work from,” worker Eldon Still said. “You don’t have much area to bring material in. There’s no stockpiling of anything. It comes in on a truck, and you put it on.”

Still is the general foreman for the glass setting crew. They’re installing the windows that will allow for stunning views to the north, overlooking Kansas City Power & Light and another Cordish Companies development, “The Midland Lofts.”

There are also units offering stellar views to the south and amenities that developers are excited to finally open.

“This is my favorite room. This is the theater room, so the residents can come down here to watch a movie,” Marnie Sauls, executive director of residential management for The Cordish Companies, said in the room with brass instrument lighting fixtures.

“They’re insanely beautiful. We have this jazz theme from the mural that’s kind of reflected all throughout the design of the building,” Sauls said.

“I’m very lucky. I live in Two Light, so I’ve been watching them build this whole thing,” Sauls added. “So those window workers do scare me a little bit.”

“We’re kind of used to it,” Still said. “It’s like walking along the curb. You know there’s a drop right there, but you don’t look at the drop, you look at where you’re working.”

Workers said there looking forward to the finish line.

“It’s been a hard grind for us for the last few months trying to get there, and we can see the light right now at the end of the tunnel,” Still said.

Jansen, the project director, said the path of construction wasn’t easy, starting in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and dealing with material lead-time issues, as well as pricing escalation.

Right now, there’s a manpower crunch, but workers do think they’re on track to finish on time, Jansen said.

“There’s 26 floors. There’s a rooftop penthouse. There is 288 units in the building,” he said, giving some stats on the building.

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