The Mission Gateway financing saga will continue this fall.

During a Wednesday public hearing, New York-based Cameron Group LLC and GFI Development Co. presented their fifth iteration of a tax-increment-financing plan for the site, along with a community improvement district proposal.

But City Administrator Laura Smith said in an email that council members “were not positioned” to take action on the proposal and have decided to continue negotiations with the developer. Both the public hearing and final action have been pushed to a special City Council meeting on Nov. 21.

“At that meeting, we anticipate taking additional public comment, and for the Council to vote on the TIF ordinance, CID ordinance, the redevelopment agreement and preliminary development plan,” Smith said.

Even though the final action was delayed, both the city and developers still aim to start construction in early 2023.

“(The timeline) will have some impacts, but the goal is still to be under construction as soon as possible in 2023,” Smith said.